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Service Package

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Full Service Package

This is an all-inclusive package of services which provides comprehensive consultation and assistance to clients. You will be provided assistance starting from the assessment stage, to preparation, advice on the type of documentation, review of provided documents and advice thereon, the compilation of documents and completion of your immigration application, preparing legal arguments to support the submission, submission and follow-ups, and any queries you may have. Here is a list of what is included in the package for your ease:

  • Initial assessment
  • Detailed assessment of client’s profile and history
  • Comprehensive immigration counseling
  • Consultation and responses to client enquiries related to the application
  • Complete individualized immigration strategy
  • Advice on documents to be collected
  • Review of provided documents
  • Advice on documents’ acceptability and revisions, if any
  • File preparation, including forms completion and gathering of documents
  • Review of completed file, before submission
  • Ongoing counseling
  • Request immigration records from time to time
  • Interpret and provide update to client
  • Updates and timely advice on processing aspects
  • Continued representation with immigration department

By selecting the full service package, you are able to make use of the capabilities of Crown Immigration to the fullest.

Limited Assistance Package

This service package offers you assistance on your application, when you have completed all the forms. Any changes that you may need to make on your application once submitted, or you may need advice on the next steps, we can assist you in this process.

Immigration Records

We can obtain immigration records for applications being processed, or have been processed in the past. These records contain comments or notes made by the Immigration officers on the file. These records are valuable as it provides an insight into how a particular application is being viewed by the immigration department, and the issues that they consider important in decision-making. This helps us advise our client on ways to make a more favourable outcome and address any gap in the application, before a decision is made. Immigration records are important as they may reduce processing times, enable the client to face the interview with confidence, prepare the client better to address the issues that are likely to be raised, or in a worst case scenario, avoid the rejection of an application.