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Restoration of Status

Restoration Of Status

If a visitor, worker or student has lost their status in Canada, they may apply to reinstate or restore their status in accordance with R182 of IRPR. This regulation only applies if the temporary resident has not been out of status for more than 90 days, and they have not failed to comply with the specified conditions. The applicants will need to make a restoration of status applications in Canada along with complete documentation with valid reasons for their overstay.

Restoration of status cannot be granted at the POE. Individuals who have failed to comply with the conditions imposed under R185 need to apply in Canada for restoration of their status. If they leave Canada, they will be deemed to be seeking a new entry on their return. Once the application for restoration of status is submitted, you are allowed to remain in Canada but are not eligible to work or study. You can work or study once you receive the approval on the application.

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