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FAQ Interview Preparation

Why an interview is required?

An interview is required to assess and establish the genuineness in a relationship.

How long can an interview last with a visa/immigration officer?

There is no specific time. An average interview lasts for one hour.

How many times could one be called for an interview?

You may be called for an interview more than once until a visa/immigration officer is satisfied that your marriage is genuine.

Why are field surveys conducted?

Field surveys are conducted to verify the suspicious information provided by the applicant or through a poison pen.

How long does one have to wait until they receive a refusal letter?

There is no set time frame. It is affected by the case load at visa posts. An average time at present is one and half year to two years approximately.

What kinds of letters are supportive?

Letters that are informative, creative, short, and have meaning are supportive to your sponsorship case.

What kind of photographs are required?

You will need to provide photographs that prove your relationship with your spouse, such as first meeting, engagement, wedding, outing/honeymoon, and pictures taken with family and relatives.

Is regular contact necessary to prove relationship?

Yes. Keeping in touch with one another on a daily basis is necessary to help prove your relationship.

How does age, education, and marital status of the sponsor and applicant affect visa/officer’s decision?

All of the above factors play an important role in helping the immigration officer make a decision.

Does DNA help prove the relationship?

Yes, DNA helps to prove the relationship between a child and the parents.

How can Crown Immigration Corporation help me for my interview?

Crown Immigration Corporation staff will analyze and prepare you and your spouse for the prospective questions asked by a visa/immigration officer. The questions asked are mostly similar but the answers vary depending on you and your spouse’s case scenario. Answer given by person ‘A’ may not necessarily be correct compared to answer given by person ‘B’ because their case scenarios might differ in various factors. We will study your case thoroughly and advise you about the possible questions arising from the issues/concerns in your application. For further information, contact us.